Buy Birds and bird supplies for sale in Fairport, NY

Hiya everyone! My name is Kenny and everyone here on staff knows me as Kenny the Kennel Pigeon. And yes, there is a story behind this name. See, I didn't want to be in my cage, I wanted to go on ADVENTURES!! Those adventures led me through our kennels, I befriended many dogs. They let me sit on their cages and they said "Hi" to me when I came down on the floor. After awhile I got tired out from...
Cairo is a mature year old (young) African Gray Parrot will live to be I have had him years. I travel with him alot and he really needs to be settled in to a household somewhere. He is a good talker once he gets to know you and is very friendly. He comes with cages Very large with playtop and can be easily used outside and collapsable One medium size perfect for an RV thats what he is in with m...
Beautiful Green Wing Macaw Birds For Adoption!! Need to sell 18 months old Green Wing macaw Birds . Great birds. Comes with large cage and floor stand. ready for good home with kids . Asking $1,200.00 obo. email- or call Erin 612-930-2119 .
They are 18 months old and will come with huge cage, parrot play stand, food and water dishes, food, and toys. I just want them to go to a good home experienced with large birds.Please call/text at 612-930-2119 for more information and availability. Thank you.
My grey Parrots make the best pet of all the parrot family due to their loving nature and fantastic talking ability. All baby parrots come with a New Voyager Cage, Toys, Therapeutic Perch and Pet Carrier. I give a full after sales service, Birth Certificate with Feeding Instructions and Food Please call/text at 612-930-2119 for more information and availability. Thank you.
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